Steam drill in Horseshoe Quarry

Cyclone cameraThis picture was taken ca. 1900 by Milton Reesor, a young photographer in St. Marys. His grandson, Dan O’Toole, recently donated several hundred Reesor photographs to the┬áMuseum. See another view of St. Marys, by two 19th-century photographers, or click on the camera at left.

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Steam drill in Horseshoe Quarry Steel bridge over Trout Creek Four miles to Ready’s Shoe Store, St. Marys Wreck on Grand Trunk near Sarnia Bridge North Ward, St. Marys Looking west from London Bridge ‘In the Good Old Summer Time’ on the Thames Looking north on St. Andrew Street Jigger at the Junction Bathers at Grand Bend Steam roller ‘Ready for Business’ At the Grand Trunk Station